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    James Hetfield 1988

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  2. Metallica

    Metallica’s best live performance was in the year of 1989 in Seattle.
    Because James’s voice & energy were on the top.
    Because they played the whole song of
    …And Justice for All and did it perfectly,w without mistakes, again, with perfect James’s voice.
    Because the crowd in Seattle was great, too.
    Because it was well filmed and wish there were more great Metallica concerts of 1989 or earlier that were also great quality videos.

  4. At the MTV awards 1996, Metallica were told before their performance that they weren’t allowed to use any curse words. Annoyed by this, they caused mayhem by playing “Last Caress" and "So What" - songs with references to murder, bestiality, and full of expletives - instead of their scheduled "King Nothing”. The Metallica segment was removed from all future broadcasts of the program.

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    we love metallica

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    James with his white Explorer

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    James being awkward with women, a visual history.

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